Rudo Mutsambiwa from the Justina Mutale Foundation, gives feedback on the Entrepreneurship Level 3 course delivered by West Midlands Open College.

Keisha Lopez from the Justina Mutale Foundation, gives feedback on the Entrepreneurship Level 3 course delivered by West Midlands Open College.

Catherine Kashonda from the Justina Mutale Foundation, gives feedback on the Entrepreneurship Level 3 course delivered by West Midlands Open College.

Dr Mutale, gives feedback following the end of the Women in business, 6 weeks intensive Entrepreneurship Level 3 course, in Enfield, London. Dr John Lukomona Ph.D from West Midlands Open College conducted the training, which ended on 17th May 2019.






JohnLukomona, JL,  Scholarship Scheme, 1st Successful Beneficiary.

Jean Claude, who lives in Burundi, was among the very first successful beneficiary of the JL Scholarship Scheme. The scheme allowed Jean Claude to study a Level 3 WMOC Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Diaspora Management, at the West Midlands Open College (WMOC),  from 2014 to March 2016.  He did this by distance-online learning. The scholarship enabled Jean to enrol on the course so that he improved his business planning skills, and also learnt how to link a business vision with collaboratives abroad, that is those who live in the Diaspora for economic development.  He learnt this in the Diaspora Management modules.

Therefore, with this certificate, Jean has gained a lot of ideas that he has since developed and as a result he will be looking to grow his business within Burundi and also link it to other parts of the world. Jean found that being on the West Midlands Open College course, also gave him a focus and inspiration to make it despite the troubles has been going on in his country. 


Jean Claude Kamwenubusa, is a founder and president of Association pour la Solidarite et l’Assistance Socio-Sanitaire (ASASS.ORG), a nonprofit organisation registered in Burundi since 2006 that support regional development around the countries of Developing world, especially in Great Lake Region (GLR) and East African Community (EAC) through projects in health, education, agriculture, clean water, deity, micro-finance and rural development, media awareness, sanitation infection control and vocational training with support to the targeted groups-diaspora, refugees, war victims, orphans, deaf, diabetics, malnourished, HIV/AIDS vulnerable , adolescent, and the low-income students and families with poor income in communities. ASASS run a health center in Kanyosha, a nursery and primary school in Buterere and Kamenge, with a vocational training center sponsored by US Embassy of Bujumbura a long with orphanage support programme.

Jean Claude serves peoples and communities through ASASS non-profit on role of programmes manager and visionary team leader. He contribute to plan for new projects development, fundraising, training members, partnership negotiation, international relations affairs, and he builds a robust women and youth engagement system that will equip members of ASASS as visionaries and good leaders.

He will apply knowledge, he has gained from WMOC course, to manage ASASS’s program and for the involvement of women and youth in peace and community development programme, the way to create a bond of synergy between ASASS-BURUNDI AND ASASS-UK Team. 

Upon Jean Claude’s return, he will apply KNOWLEDGE to manage ASASS-Burundi non-profit and launch a Vocational Education and training higher institute-Human Value University Foundation with program of study online and offline outline what courses students should take to achieve in their desired career. 


Oliver Glendenning

Sales Director of Parry Building Products

I have transformed my self through learning at the West Midlands Open College. The course material, feedback and coaching that I have received is excellent, with the new set of skills I have from the live presentation skills course I can now communicate my product messages clearly, attract interest and talk confidently in any conference or meeting.

"I have  broken down the fear barrier and can really engage with audiences with what I have now learnt, and the best thing is I enjoy doing presentations now"

The course is relevant because  it is target driven towards your goals and most importantly fun to do!"


"I recommend this course to anyone looking to improve their presentation skills and achieve success in public speaking".





Some of the achievers in Entrepreneurship academic year 2019/2020


IMG 20210109 WA0005

Cosmos, China, in Import and Export Business


IMG 20210111 WA0009

Sylvester, Zambia, in Agriculture and E-commerce


IMG 20201214 WA0018

Isaac, Dubai, UAE, in Education business


IMG 20210115 WA0006

Elvis, China, in Import and Export business


16th January 2021, Achievrs show case at The West Midlands Open College,



Diversity Learning Institute(DLI), Hambourg, Germany.

Using the West Midlands Open College system has helped many refugees gain momentum in the Deutsch Language. The accreditation of the course under West Midlands Open College has enabled the candidates evidence their learning. Our centre in Hambourg since being accredited West Midlands Open College delivery centre, has added mobility in course out put and employ-ability for those candidates on the WMOC Deutche course. In Germany, the Deutsch Language is an important language to enter into the job market and business development. DLI says thank you West Midlands Open College(WMOC).

December 2016


The John Lukomona Scholarchip Scheme(JLSS) for Entrepreneurs.

Dr John Lukomona is a family man, community leader and college principal, President & Chancellor of Lukomonah John University, he wishes to help and support the many African business men and women who have creative business ideas. The ideas he calls them real estate. Knowledge and ideas are the only permanent structures that can move with a person from one location to another. These are assets and they need to be nurtured for effective delivery. Therefore, Dr Lukomona invites you to join the scheme.


Subject based, on Entrepreneurship.


John Lukomona Scholarship Scheme by Distant Learning, is now available.

Accessed through the West Midlands Open College.






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