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The college practices levels of assessment which starts with the initial assessment on your career and the functional skills assessment. The very first of the role we play is to discuss with your permission your ultimate career goal. It is from that perspective we then help you along the way to choose a course before the enrolment stage. The tutor who takes you will have in mind some of these goals you have already set so that in their lesson planning for your course, smart objects are set to help you attain to that final goal, whenever that time of goal achievement for you will be. We want to add to that ladder of success.

Therefore kindly download the following form and complete it for your own analysis. When you make up your mind to enrol please bring the completed career assessment form.

Click here to download the career assessment form.

1. To download an initial assessment form click here: WORD 

You can also carryout the functional skills test and complete your score in the form below.

2. To download an initial assessment test form form   click here: WORD 

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Care Certificate Progression Achievement

Susan, from Zambia. July 2023.

 Susan Chisanga Testmony2

After my course, I decided to apply skills the college taught us. Firstly I found a job in Zambia in the care sector. I became a talk of the day due to my great skills I learnt from the West Midlands Open College and Lukomonah John University. The certificate itself was well compacted with clear areas of qualifications. My managers, in Zambia, liked my performance which I attributed to the skills taught at the aforementioned institutions. The certificate from the West Midlands Open College is simply the best.

Then I also started implementing the JOB WORK SHOP skills, on how to look for employment in the UK, the West Midlands Open College and Lukomonah John University, taught us. I dedicated time to it. I EMPLOYED MY SELF TO LOOK FOR EMPLOYMENT. Today I am in the UK employed as a Carer,.. to hear more of my testimony click here.




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