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Education & Training




Education The Trainer














Entrepreneurship £1260


Care certificate- The full £156.00 includes all 15 Standards & practical sessions. The individuals selection are theory based online learning.

For UK residents











Vocational Health and Social Care Levels: 2,3,4/5

All diplomas are a minimum of 1 academic year.



 Functional Skills








Start a successful journey

Biblical Studies  


 University Foundation  


Tutorials  JLSS
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 Celebrating Business Connectivity & Success(CBCS) XI

17th June 2023 Event is now open.

Fly into the UK, Venue The Welcome Club, Heath Hayes, Hednesford Road, WS12 3DZ, Cannock, United Kingdom

Click here to register for the event.

Dr. John Lukomona Ph.D

President & Chancellor

Whatsapp: +447450321139






JOHN LUKOMONA-A West Midlands Open College & Community Newsletter

Purpose:-To communicate community news, locally in Walsall and also capture internationally within the circuit of West Midlands Open College.

Focus:- Share success stories, as well as challenges and how they over came them.

Invitation:-Articles are invited from you if you a story to share stating how either college, or our partners, or if simply by following us impacted you positively.

Adverts are welcomed at any reasonable contribution to the publication. We do not advertise cigarettes, alcohol and other classified businesses due to safeguarding and our core values.

Download the Newsletters below.

Note: The online News Letters are in colour while we produce monochrome hard copy as our policy. To download click on the link months in the table below:



September 2019


October 2019


November 2019


December 2019


The October /November issue has featured champions of Afriseed in Zambia. Download the newsletter and discover who these are! 

We also welcome the Newsletter coordinator, Priscilla Coker BA(Hons). Read about her background in the October November Newsletter. 

Thank you.


Project Development Recruitment

Bid writing for the following projects:


Funding Amount Required: £10,000.00 to £70,000.00

Consultant Pay Range: One off payment which is negotiable, but offers are already available.


  1. To write bids and submit to funding organisations
  2. Research on funders who fund health and social care training projects.
  3. Report to the CEOs office

A bid writer can be located anywhere in the world as long as you have modern computer systems e.g. a good laptop that can access Zoom or Teams for meeting communication.



Funding Amount Required: £150,000 to £500,000

Consultant Pay Range: Consultant Pay Range:  One off payments which are negotiable, but offers are already available.


  1. To write bids and submit to funding organisations
  2. Research on funders who fund infrastructure aquation for educational and business development purposes.
  3. Liaise with investor organisations
  4. Develop working policy with grant providers
  5. Report to the CEOs office

A bid writer can be located anywhere in the world as long as you have modern computer systems e.g. a good laptop that can access Zoom or Teams for meeting communication.



Funding Amount Required: £100,000.00

Consultant Pay Range:  One off payments which are negotiable, but offers are already available.


  1. To write bids or project proposals and submit to funding organisations
  2. Research on funders who fund entrepreneurship scheme for educational and business development purposes.
  3. Liaise with investor organisations
  4. Develop working policy with grant providers
  5. Investigate the needs of British and African collaborative training needs for maximum development impact.
  6. Report to the CEOs office

A bid writer can be located anywhere in the world as long as you have modern computer systems e.g. a good laptop that can access Zoom or Teams for meeting communication.


 NOTE: Before you apply first express interest by sending a whatsApp Message to +447450321139





To apply click here(all other workplacement for experience and voluntary work included)


Telephone: 01922 277 510

Whatsapp: +447450321139

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


                    West Midlands Open College Privacy Policy, Issue 2, 25th May 2020.


Who are we (Controller of Data we collect from you)?. 1

What is Your personal data?. 2

Types of data we collect. 2

How we collect data. 2

Why we collect data. 2

The legal basis on which we collect data. 2

How we process data. 2

Whom we share data with (Known as the processors). 2

How we store and secure data. 3

Your rights to data we may hold on you. 3

You are in control based on: 3

Regulators. 4

Our contacts. 4

The data protection officer. 4


Who are we (Controller of Data we collect from you)?

West Midlands Open College Limited is an educational establishment based and registered in the United Kingdom, company number: 08737167 registered in England and Wales and registered learning institute Provider Registered Number 10044614. Operational Office during the COVID is 19 Thornbury Road, WS2 8JJ, United Kingdom. All lessons are currently virtual on zoom.

We provide educational and consultancy and related event services all linked to human development.

We value our customers and all applicant’s person data and related data we hold on them or we may hold on them, as very important and therefore the policy is to protect your data in line with GDPR (general data protection regulations which came into force on the 25th May 2018).

All data collected mostly on applications at enrolment or by downloading from our website www.westmidlandsopencollege.co.uk/apply.html, is kept in a secure locked cabinet and electronic databases have passwords on them. There are designated staff who have access to data for the purposes of processing of enrolments and job applications.

The key people who have direct access to data are data collection people e.g. teachers and other staff at open days then data entry admin staff.

We document, record and audit how we use the data, who accessed the data, who processed it and how, and if shared with third parties in context. As a college we have third parties such as examination councils for external assessment and certification.

We hold your data only when it is needed for the purposes of the relationship we have engaged with you.

This policy is about your rights and ourselves and the rights you have to the personal data we may hold about you if you apply for any course or event run by the college and their collaborators such as Qualifications Network UK(The exam board), Amaka Ya Bwingi LTD (AKA Amaka Ya Bwingi Business network forum), Parry Building Products(a building and construction company whom we accredit for their industrial course), how long we hold that data, how we use it, whom we share it with, who has access to it and how you can request to see the data if need be or exercise the right to be forgotten or be permanently deleted.

 What is Your personal data?

Personal data relates to a living individual who can be identified from that data.  Identification can be by the information alone or in conjunction with any other information in the data    controller’s possession or likely to come into such possession. The processing of personal data is enforced through a new law the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). The                regulators are the information Commissioner in the United Kingdom.

 Types of data we collect

This is reflected in the forms on the following links, Click Here  and in each case, they have the personal name, address, telephone number, next of kin and email address, in addition relevant details on your CV and as reflected on the application forms. For the records of data in the application forms, please download the forms for course application and job application. These forms are found on www.westmidlandsopencollege.co.uk/apply.html

How we collect data

On application forms which are found on www.westmidlandsopencollege.co.uk/apply and on the E-Learning System accessed at the front of the http://www.westmidlandsopencollege.co.uk by clicking on “create a school account.” The e-learning system is hosted on the domain name which belongs to West Midlands Open College group, www.rasp2gain.co.uk/moodle.

Why we collect data

The legal basis on which we collect data

·         Enrolment on a course if you are a student applicant.

·         Job or contract appointment if you are a service provider applicant.

·         Event enrolment or attending an open day which requires prior subscription.

Some of these are done through third party websites like www.eventbirte.com and other companies like Parry building Products when we conduct and industrial visit or training off site, Amaka Ya Bwingi LTD on their business networking meetings where as a student or a staff may be required to attend for enrichment purposes.

·         College and business tours relevant to your application.

How we process data

Each instant varies, and we normally enter the data you supply into our Database Management System in the office. We process data

a.       For those on certified courses, we enter their names upon completion into the applicable system for certification issuing.

b.       Queries by the applicants are triggers to access and process data depending on the request.

c.       We process data to organise interviews and appointment and enrolments.

d.       This is a case by case and for more details click here to download and see various categories and see which applies to your interest.

e.       We create mailing lists. The main one being This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to which you may be invited to op in. And if you are in there is a provision for you to opt out at any time.

f.        We create WhatsApp lists to which you may be invited and you can opt in and opt out ant any time. These list takes several different names depending on the purpose they are created and for what length of time they are needed.

Whom we share data with (Known as the processors)

These are

a.       Examination council: Qualifications Network, who accredit the Assessor Qualifications and Education and Training qualifications.

b.       Certax Accountant Firm: Deals with payrolls. All our applicant staff details are passed for such purposes.

c.       For a complete list of systems click here to downloand.

How we store and secure data

a.       Locked cabinets are used

b.       Password secured Database Management System(DBMS) is used on one machine in the office.

c.       For an exhaust list of how we secure your data on a catalogue of systems we have please click here.

Your rights to data we may hold on you.

You are in control based on:

1.       Right to be forgotten: Meaning you can ask us to completely delete you from our systems, subject to overriding laws.  For example, for certification, we may need to hold data for a longer time more than 3 years or as the case might be, for some exam boards can hold certification data for a minimum of 40 years. This is aiding certificate claims in case you have lost the old one, and industrial verifications for those applying for jobs in the Health and Social Care industry. So, each case of request to be forgotten will be treated on its own merit.

2.       You choose how we contact you

a.       OPT in and OPT out of mailing lists.

b.       OPT in and OPT out choice of how we contact you, which usually decided by you at initial application using the forms 01GDPR (Student Applicants and 02GDPR (for job applicants).

c.       Information we collect about students below the age of 18 is consented on behalf by parents or guardians or representatives who are verified. We would not contact a minor directly.

3.       Opportunity to give you what data or information we hold about you is available

You may request by contacting the Data Protection Officer on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or on 01922 277510 or on 07450321139 to receive any information we hold on you to request how, where we have stored, how it is secured, how it was used and who had access to it. You may click here for more information.

4.       Length of time we keep certain data and why.

We only keep the data for the length of time that it is needed with your interest at the front, otherwise your data is deleted immediately especially if after application for any services wasn’t successful.

5.       Accuracy of data.

If we hold any data on you and you are still connected to the college system, we may contact you from time to time on the means of contacts that you have opted in, for the purposes of updating your information. If you have an online access to the appropriate database system such as e-learning, you can freely log in and update your data at any time.

6.       Securing this data.

 a.       Electronic Database Management Systems where we stored your data are secured by a personal password which you may have created or had been given at                      initial enrolment, which will be forced to be changed by you. This way all your personal data is secured.

 b.       The main database management system which is not online but is the master systems resides on our machine with a password on it.

 c.       Online system from providers hosting company UKHOST whom we use have encryption systems.



You can contact the Information Commissioners Office on 0303 123 1113 or via email https://ico.org.uk/global/contact-us/email/ or at the Information Commissioner's Office, Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire. SK9 5AF.

Our contacts

Tel: 01922 277 510 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The data protection officer

Dr John Lukomona, The Principal and CEO is the responsible person

Thank you

This document is subject to review.

Date of first enforcement: 25th May 2018.

After you have read the above and you submit your application you have accepted our policy, otherwise you may not proceed to apply.

Click here to open a new E Learning Account

Click here to download and appropriate application form for studentship or a job




Work as a carer in the health care sector, industry, by receiving the mandatory care training course from WMOC. Enrol on the course today, if you have a caring career and help the sector during the pandemic, as a responder due to the high demand that has arisen, because of COVID 19.


PART I: Care Certificate, 12 weeks duration, £350.00, includes exam and certification

The care certificate has 15 standards, which you require to complete. At WMOC they are grouped under 5 main modules:

Units 1 Carer's Role

Unit 2 Safeguarding

Unit 3 Ensuring Well Being

Unit 4 Health and Safety, and

Unit 5 Mental Capacity.

For those renewing individual standards, you can do so wherever applicable.

Click here to view the 15 Care Certificate Modules which make up the 15 standards

PART II: LEVEL 2/3 HEALTH AND SOCIAL CARE, GENERAL,  L2=£1200 OR L3 = £1500.00: 9months. 

If you take both Part I and Part II; after 12 weeks you will be certified for Part I: Then you can look for work. Part II progresses, it is very essential for long term career development and better pay as you will be termed as a senior carer.  Any leadership roles may be offered to you as a team leader by most employers. You also have a chance to stduy further to as high as Level 5; may be if you have interest in doing nursing, this route wull be significant. For part II instalment amounts are allowed. Just discuss with college.



1. We will give you a one off workshop on job application, straight after completing your training courses. Note that there are plenty of jobs available in the health care sector, but you have to do the application yourself.

2. The latest enrolment, in 2022, now is leading to Level 2/3  QCF/RQF/NVQ Health and Social Care, diploma. Part I being the Care Certificate lasting 12 weeks; and Part II: progressing to the rest of the modules for Health and Social Care. The qualification leading to status of a Senior Care Worker.

3. You will be qualified to work as a carer or senior care worker with health and social care providers.

4. WMOC can help you in building up your career to become an instructor in the Health and Social Industry and more.

Join a vibrant college with a great future. "Run into Success with WMOC"

Enrolling on the Care Certificate

a. All applicants to complete the application enrolment form click here

b. Pay for the health care courses for International students(Note: do not pay until you receive the enrolment invoice)

Good news: Due to CV writing and proofing reading demand, as well as further other consulations, we have included a service fee for such. If you add these to the fee, in the menu, a member of staff will be assigned to proof read and offer guidance on CV writing, plus other services that you might want. Note also that the opportunity to study and seek for health care work in Germany is available. The fees are added to the menu.

Health Care Courses: When you add to Cart try and come back to this page again, in the same way you did before. Then you can add other items. The fees may look different from what you have on your invoice; this is because the online payment system has included the transfer charges. The college needs to receive the exact tuition fees you were quoted, since paying by card costs gateway these fees are shared with you. Thank you.

Health Care Courses Fee Menu

The mandatory Part I fees for  Care Certificate Course, will be deducted from the fees of the optional Part II if you progress to the full diploma Part II Health and Social Care. Part II is very important for long term career and better pay at work. The full fees for the equivalent QCF/RQF/NVQ Health and Social is between £1200 and £1500. Meaning Part II, Level 2 fees will be £1200 less £300 = £900.00, and Level 3; £1500 less £300.00 = £1200.00.

c. Pay for the care certificate FOR UK RESIDENT STUDENTS ONLY click here

d. Create a School E-learning Account, click here, if this is your first time at West Midlands Open College




Care Certificate Progression Achievement

Susan, from Zambia. July 2023.

 Susan Chisanga Testmony2

After my course, I decided to apply skills the college taught us. Firstly I found a job in Zambia in the care sector. I became a talk of the day due to my great skills I learnt from the West Midlands Open College and Lukomonah John University. The certificate itself was well compacted with clear areas of qualifications. My managers, in Zambia, liked my performance which I attributed to the skills taught at the aforementioned institutions. The certificate from the West Midlands Open College is simply the best.

Then I also started implementing the JOB WORK SHOP skills, on how to look for employment in the UK, the West Midlands Open College and Lukomonah John University, taught us. I dedicated time to it. I EMPLOYED MY SELF TO LOOK FOR EMPLOYMENT. Today I am in the UK employed as a Carer,.. to hear more of my testimony click here.




Telephone: +441922 277 510, United Kingdom, Headquarters.

Email: info@westmidlandsopencollege.co.uk

General admin: admin@westmidlandsopencollege.co.uk

Email: log in
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