1.  Classroom based teaching employs methods of teaching that range from group activities, lectures, professional discussions, debates, and the classical tutorials. All the methods involves the use of differentiation. Differentiation is a process of teaching which takes into consideration the learner needs, represented in the class of students. The method is more effective if students did give their true reflection of how they learn during the initial assessment.

2. Practical observation on self directed learning based on what the lesson tells. Meaning that at times a lesson session on video pre recorded may ask you to go and carry out piece of practical task and record your findings. These are then evidenced by yourself in either a report or video or audio recording accompanied by a witness statement. A witness statement comes from a person who supervised you or you worked with when you undertook that task.

3. On line learning materials have pre-recorded audio and video clip lessons which a candidate can play as often as in necessary. These plenaries are followed by assessments which can be done online. See video example below.

4. Live online interactive sessions are now available. It means that candidates outside the United Kingdom can have live sessions and be able to interact with their peers who are in classroom. As a back up you will need to open an E-Learning account, by clicking here.

4. City and object orientated visits. These are tours organised by the college which allows students to have exposure to and object of interest from which certain lessons can be learnt. Students will draw their own conclusion and also as guided by the assessment criteria wherever possible. For example in tourism focussed business studies we may ask candidates accompanied by appropriate staff to go see the river Thames and explore how money is made on this natural tourist attraction.

5. Effective use of methods that allow people with learning needs are used with the given information. Candidates for example who declare early some of the learning needs their lessons are designed such that those aspects that make them learn better are included in the lesson plan and used effectively. The choice of the learning environment is set carefully to enable the learners enjoy the lessons and learn effectively. 

Overall our teaching methods are student focused so that we deliver a service that is effective and productive for the student and also for the college. 

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Some of the achievers in Entrepreneurship academic year 2019/2020


IMG 20210109 WA0005

Cosmos, China, in Import and Export Business


IMG 20210111 WA0009

Sylvester, Zambia, in Agriculture and E-commerce


IMG 20201214 WA0018

Isaac, Dubai, UAE, in Education business


IMG 20210115 WA0006

Elvis, China, in Import and Export business


16th January 2021, Achievrs show case at The West Midlands Open College,



Diversity Learning Institute(DLI), Hambourg, Germany.

Using the West Midlands Open College system has helped many refugees gain momentum in the Deutsch Language. The accreditation of the course under West Midlands Open College has enabled the candidates evidence their learning. Our centre in Hambourg since being accredited West Midlands Open College delivery centre, has added mobility in course out put and employ-ability for those candidates on the WMOC Deutche course. In Germany, the Deutsch Language is an important language to enter into the job market and business development. DLI says thank you West Midlands Open College(WMOC).

December 2016


The John Lukomona Scholarchip Scheme(JLSS) for Entrepreneurs.

Dr John Lukomona is a family man, community leader and college principal, President & Chancellor of Lukomonah John University, he wishes to help and support the many African business men and women who have creative business ideas. The ideas he calls them real estate. Knowledge and ideas are the only permanent structures that can move with a person from one location to another. These are assets and they need to be nurtured for effective delivery. Therefore, Dr Lukomona invites you to join the scheme.


Subject based, on Entrepreneurship.


John Lukomona Scholarship Scheme by Distant Learning, is now available.

Accessed through the West Midlands Open College.





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